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Sunshine Coast Photographer - fully vaccinated for Covid 19.  Other locations by arrangement.  Please ask us - we love to travel.


Hi, and welcome to Photo Prose Creative.

All families are special but there is none so special as yours. So, your family deserves high quality, professional portraiture that celebrates you, your family and the legacy that you are creating together.

Our goal is to help you capture your most memorable moments in a manner that will be cherished by you and generations to come. We will carefully design and print our professional albums to represent your family and it's relationships. Voila, suddenly YOU are your art! This is an investment so worth it, you'll wonder how you could have ever lived without it - consider it part of your family heritage.

In addition to traditional photographs, we offer our clients the opportunity of a unique combination of fine art photography complemented, if you wish, with creative writing at no additional cost. The adage is true, a picture can tell a thousand words, but the interpretation is left to the viewer. We sincerely believe a picture with selected appropriate words can tell your complete story exactly as you intended, capturing your emotions or the significance of the photograph at that point in time.

Don't tuck your albums in a cupboard.  Proudly display them on your coffee table or a wall-mounted album shelf.

Take the opportunity to capture your growing family life before it's gone. 

Contact us today.  No obligations, no snappy sales pitch - just a genuine open discussion with people like you.

Contact us:
Phone:  0417 070989 or 0423 759878

Thank you so much Di and Geoff East from Photo Prose Creative for our amazing family photos. Our kids were in terrible moods but Wow!... Look what they came up with.  Katrina Ballantyne.

We include a beautiful slideshow/video with all Parties and Day in Your Life sessions.

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Photo Prose Creative - Where Words and Images Unite

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